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Thailand has so many islands... Where to go?

Ok so Thailand has a plethora of islands to choose from. We have compiled here a few Andaman Sea Islands easily accessible for you! 

Koh Buloan

The breathtaking little island of Koh Buloan lies in the south of Thailand between the Koh Tarutao Marine Park and the Trang Islands in the Andaman Sea. 

It is the ideal getaway for seekers of perfect, unspoilt natural beauty. It boasts crystal-clear waters, snow-white beaches and limestone islands scattered across the turquoise horizon. The little-known island is protected by Mu Ko Phetra National Park and remains sheltered from the effects of mass tourism. The island is home to a small fishing village and a community of Sea Gypsies. You can find a few shops and a choice of authentic Thai restaurants. Those who enjoy seafood can have a taste of deliciously fresh seafood, straight from the water, caught by the local fishermen. The main beach, White Sand Beach, wraps around peninsula and there are some rocky bays and a stretch of jungle. You can explore the enchanting marine life and snorkel around Koh Buloan and its neighbouring islets. Beach resorts offer snorkelling and fishing trips around the island. Accommodation is either a cosy cottage or a rustic bungalow on the beachfront. There are no cars on the island but everything is within easy walking distance. 

Koh Mook

Koh Mook is a small island in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Southern Thailand. A large stretch of the island is a national park and the mind-boggling, raw natural beauty has been left untouched. Koh Mook offers everything you could want from a tropical adventure: luminous white sand beaches to relax on, luxurious turquoise waters, jungle to go trekking in and caves and towering mountains to explore. For a full experience you can go rock-climbing, spearfishing, diving and snorkelling. The Emerald Cave is a famous tourist attraction of Koh Mook; at low tide you can swim through the cave and see a magical hidden beach surrounded on all sides by lofty limestone cliffs.

There are authentic Thai food restaurants and you can find a good western meal here too. There is accommodation to suit both the budget traveller and those seeking more of a extravagant holiday, with anything from tents to beach bungalows to backpackers to stylish, modern resorts. Find an adventure or just drink up the scenery and sun.

Koh Ngai

Koh Ngai is a tiny mountainous island with forests, cosy bays, rocky outcrops and endless beaches. It lies off the coast of Krabi in the South of Thailand and offers a perfect haven away from the more overcrowded tourist destinations. Snorkelling here is a truly unique experience as coral reefs of unparalleled beauty are easily accessible from many of the beaches on the West and the South coast. To explore the coast you can hire a longtail boat or kayak from one of the resorts, or take an unforgettable walk. The island is so small that a walk anywhere takes no longer than an hour. Trek through gorgeous virgin jungle, explore palm tree groves and see monkeys and a colourful range of bird-life.The restaurants serve Thai food, incredibly fresh seafood and some western dishes too. Beer, wine and cocktails are aplenty and sundowners on the beach under a striking sunset is a great way to end your day here. Accommodation to suit every taste and budget is available. There are beautiful camping sites with tents, basic and also well-equipped, air conditioned bungalows and luxury resorts and spas. Take scuba-diving lessons, go on tours and canoeing trips or just relax under a palm tree on a beach and swim in the sea. 

Koh Kradan

With 90% of the terrain under the protection of Hat Chao Mai National Park, the paradise island of Koh Kradan offers untouched pristine beaches and vast expanses of lush green. Shallow reefs, teeming with tropical fish are visible through the crystal-clear water, just off the shore, and the main beach is fringed with cashew trees. Limestone formations and neighbouring islands jut out of the ocean and carve out an exotic horizon. Hiking, snorkelling and kayaking are a popular pastime here. The resorts on the island serve delicious food and there are a few restaurants where you can order Thai, Italian and other western food. The island is visited by many day-trippers and there are a number of beautiful accommodation options for a longer stay. You can find both glamourous and modest resort accommodation; backpackers, dorm rooms, bungalows and tents. Aside from the owners of these resorts and restaurants, the island is uninhabited, with no roads, houses or shops, making the island an incomparably tranquil experience.

Koh Tarutao

Koh Tarutao is the biggest island in the Tarutao National Maritime Park, measuring 152 square kilometers. It was formerly inhabited by pirates and crocodiles and is now home to some beautiful, less intimidating wildlife and a few accomodation sites including bungalows, chalets and authentic bamboo longhouses. You can also rent two-person tents and camp wherever you want on one of the 3 exquisite main beaches. There is almost no development and only one road. There is a small shop and a Thai food restaurant and cold drinks and beers are available. You can rent a mountain bike to explore the land or hire a longtail boat or kayak to go down the canal or skirt the coast. Discover forests, caves, mangrove-lined shores, hidden beaches, coves and limestone islets. Koh Tarutao is a perfect holiday of sea, sand, incredibly bright stars and dazzling nature. 

Satun/Pakbara Pier

Pakbara is a little village on the coast of Satun in Southern Thailand, used primarily as a transportation hub to travel to the nearby islands. There is a cheap market, some good bars and coffee shops and a beautiful, quiet beach. There is a choice of restaurants, fresh fruit stalls and delicious street food. You can stay overnight in a cheap backpackers, guesthouse or bungalow along the tree-lined beach. There are ATM’s, internet cafes and shops close to the pier.

Ao Nang

Ao Nang is a beautiful beach in Krabi, full of activity. There is a wide range of accommodation with something for everybody. It is easy to travel to anywhere in Krabi from here and there are plenty of travel offices and tours available. It takes about 40 minutes to get from Krabi International Airport to Ao Nang by car. It’s easy to get around the area by tuk tuk or songthaew. 

Nearby you can go sea kayaking, elephant riding, visit the hot-spring waterfall, zip-line through jungle and find other exciting activities. On Ao Nang beach there are plenty of bars and restaurants to suit every taste. You can enjoy a fun-filled, stimulating holiday in Ao Nang.


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